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RFID Tattoo and the Authorization Super Pill

Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex

Skull and Bones Society

America's Beginning

The Rothschild Dynasty

Freemasonry and the Illuminati

The President in Arrogance

Like Over Ripe Fruit into our Hands

Verichip Micro-chipping in Mexico

Ten Kingdoms and the NAU

Video - Behind the Big News

Angels don't Play This Harp

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Where's the Birth Certificate

Mass chipping in U.K.

Ad for implanted RFID chip

RFID Tracking Monetary

RFID Verichip Commercial

Human Micro-chipping

Saudi RFID Microchip Cyanide Implant

Reflections and Warnings Aaron Russo

Secret Plan to Tag Every Man

CFR - The Council on Foreign Relations

Nano Drone Technology Air Force Bugbot

Aaron Russo and Oligarchy Rule

The Hegelian Dialectic

The Knights Templar

Today's Special Double Meat Pizza

Microchip City Built in Korea

The New World Order

Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy


A Disclosure of Government

The United Nations

The UN Agenda - Education


HAARP the Full Documentary

The Trilateral Commission

The Federal Reserve

Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Bank

The League of Nations

The Siege of the Federal Reserve

Albert Pike and the Scottish Rite

Secrets of the Federal Reserve

The Bilderberg Group

Communism and Illuminati Goals



The UN Plot to Confiscate Civilian Weapons - Weapons Control, your Choices and your Responsibilities
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