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The Great Depression - The Fleecing Begins

The Federal Reserve Banking system - established in 1913 is by design the Jetter Cup for the United States of America. Designed to work well with all aspects of the nations monetary system it has the power to skim the cream off the top or milk the sheep dry. The sheep being the anyone and everyone who is under this Federal Reserve system.


The overlords of this system have the power to inject or withhold funding from the nations economy therefore creating financial booms and depressions and they use this fluctuation in the economy to drain the wealth of the nation. This system will not end till America is milked dry and the cashless system begins.


The Federal Reserve system is very much a part of the Global system, America's branch if you will and this same scheme is setup in all nations, it is called the Central Bank. The crash of 1929 along with the Great Depression was the first such milking on the farm of the new Global elite's monetary program. The Great Depression of 1929 was a worldwide depression that lasted for 10 years.


Its kickoff in the U.S. economy was “Black Thursday," October 24, 1929, when 12.9 million shares of stock were sold in one day, triple the normal amount. Over the next four days, prices fell 23%. This was known as the stock market crash of 1929. By 1933, the height of the Depression, unemployment had risen from 3% to 25% of the nation’s workforce. Wages for those who still had jobs fell 42%. GDP was cut in half, from $103 to $55 billion.


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The Hegelian Dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution

worked very well in the controlling of America through the new monetary system. At the time the citizens who were suffering through the devastation of the 30's had no concept of what was going on behind the scenes. Only the controllers of the Federal Reserve bank had the understanding and the power to stop it, but their plan was a long term plan and human suffering of the farm workers didn't play a major part in it.


If being called sheep is offensive to you then just look at America as a very large Ant farm. Yes, worker ants do suffer but they are expendable and a necessary function on the Global elite's monetary farm both as workers as well as protectors of the colony hierarchy, the core of the farm. If you don't like being compared to a worker on a Ant farm it is because you have been born into this farm system and trained to be a productive part of society which is good till you realize who you are being productive for.


The Fleecing of America as well as the rest of the nations of the world has now reached the climax of its 100 year plan with more than half of the worlds wealth in the hands of the Rothschild dynasty and the majority of the rest in the hands of those who have been loyal to them. If your a common worker on this farm and think you have any material wealth you are sadly mistaken.


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A Workers Value is Inseperable from the Farm

and the farm is at 20 trillion in deficit and counting. The true value of a person is not his or her possessions but the soul given to them and the true value of the soul is what separates that person from the value of societies predetermined engagement with this production farm. The soul that is on the right path will not be taken by the coming Global financial fleecing as it enters into the cashless system, it has been prepared for you as well and designed as the ultimate controlled worker farm. One which will control everything you do, everything you buy, everything you sell.



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