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The United Nations is World Government

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Is the United Nations a World Government if so is it ready to assume its roll of Global Governance for which it was envisioned? We are in the middle of a Global Revolution right now. Global Government on Steroids. If you want to find out what the officials of the United Nations think just go to their website at www.un.org/ and do a search for Global Governance. Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations has made repeated references to Global Governance, the time for Global Governance is now.


Herman Von Rompay the former President of the European Union stated in that Global Governance began in April, 2009 at the G-20 Economic Meeting when they launched the Financial Stability Board. Does Herman Von Rompay know what he is talking about? Well, he's the President of the United States of Europe, the 500 Million strong entity made up of 27 member states all of which have surrendered their sovereignty and adopted a common European Constitution.


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The United Nations Was Designed to be World Government


The earliest plan for the formation of a New World Organization was under the U.S. State Department late in 1939. The name United Nations was coined by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941 and on August 14th 1941 Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill were in conference “Somewhere at Sea” and on that day they issued a joint declaration known in history as the Atlantic Charter.


The Atlantic Charter consisted of a affirmation of certain common principles for a World Organization, this Peace Organization focused on the Basic Principles of International Justice along with the Labor Standards, Economic Advancement, Social Security of the nations. It was first used officially on Jan. 1, 1942, when 26 states joined in the Declaration by the United Nations, pledging themselves to continue their joint war effort and not to make peace separately.


The need for an international organization to replace the League of Nations was first stated officially on Oct. 30, 1943, in the Moscow Declaration, issued by China, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR. In 1944 those four countries drafted specific proposals for a charter for the new organization. All the states that had ultimately adhered to the 1942 declaration were called to the founding conference held in San Francisco on June 26, 1945.


Drafted at San Francisco, the UN charter was signed and ratified by the required number of states on Oct. 24 and the General Assembly first met in London on Jan. 10, 1946. It was decided to locate the UN headquarters in the Eastern United States. In December 1946, the General Assembly accepted the $8.5 million gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr. to buy a tract of land along the East River, New York City, for its headquarters. The Secretariat, General Assembly, and Conference Building were completed in 1952.


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The United Nations Goal has never Changed - Globalism and World Government.


Strobe Talbot said it best in his article in Time magazine from 1992 when he said in the 21st century National sovereignty as we have known it will cease to exist and we will all answer to a single global authority. Strobe Talbott is the head of the Brookings Institution, probably the most influential think tank used by the US government today. His protege Susan Rice was a US Ambassador to the United Nations and worked under Strobe Talbot before she went to help Barrack Obama.


Then ultimately she was appointed as Ambassador to the world governmental system, the United Nations. When Strobe Talbot said that National Sovereignty would cease to exist and that we would all answer to a single global authority it was quite a statement because to do so our Declaration of Independence must be negated, and the National Sovereignty of the United States must be suspended, and then we can be drafted onto a new world order, a one world government.


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The United Nations Does Not Believe in National Sovereignty

They believe the international community has a system of international law, that should be enforced by a international judicial system, that should be supported by a international economy and all this should be enforced by a international military. The United Nations has the structure necessary for world government but most people don't have a clue that this is true. The 32 story Building in New York many of you know as the United Nations was emptied and it's in the process of being completely renovated.


Take a look at all the treaties that have been signed through the years under the label of International Law. Treaties become International Law once they have been ratified superseding any National Laws that are established. Treaties are the highest form of law in the land. Here in the United States if we sign a treaty and our Senate ratifies that Treaty then we are duty bound to alter any laws we have that conflict with that Treaty because the Treaty takes on the status of the top level of Law because it is International Law.


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There is a Huge Set of Interlocking International Laws

That have been signed since the United Nations was established in 1945 that all the nations of the world are much more obligated to this system than most people of the world would like to acknowledge. For example the GATT agreement or the World Trade Organization agreement which controls the International Trade of the World. Those who control the financial side of anything controls all the rest as well.


So, the United Nations has the Economic arm, the Executive branch, and the Legislative branch which has been put into place little by little every time we sign an International Treaty and it becomes a part of the International body. Most importantly, there is the Judicial branch of the United Nations because lets face it without a way to enforce (control) the Legislative and Economic branches of the system they are unable to function as designed and the Executive branch is just a limp wristed group of talkers and not movers and shakers (as they want to be).


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The Judicial Branch Consists of Two Sections

the International World Court and the Military and both sections are evolving very quickly. NATO was originally founded to defend the West against the Communist East. Then Mikhail Gorbachev disbanded the Warsaw pact and now little by little NATO has evolved into the Military arm or the International force of the United Nations.


Beyond that there are hundreds of thousands of United Nations Peace Keepers all over the world in over 100 locations around the globe. The World Governmental System has its Peace Keepers all over the world. The latest proposal is to have a 50,000 man rapid deployment force in order for the United Nations to quickly stamp out any dissension or conflicts.


Stop and consider this, A Nation wide blackout of power and communications and then grasp the idea of 50,000 well trained and well armed United Nations troops dropping into your city or community unannounced and unwelcome who could care less about your national sovereignty, personal beliefs, or quite frankly rather you live or die. Not a good position to be in. I've heard many now say that they would have a fight on their hands as they flood the area. If this scenario were to happen it would be well planned and the 50,000 mentioned above would be a fraction of the blitz creed that would be unleashed.


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