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The Missouri Documents - Linking Freedom to Enemy Militia

Below is the Missouri Highway Patrol Training Document aka the "Missouri Information Analysis Center" report in image format... These images display the document that has become famous as "The Missouri Documents". There are a total of 8 images - scroll through them - right click and save as - and take them with you. Once the document became public back in 2009 Chief James Keathley of the Missouri State Patrol issued a statement saying that:


'Had that report been reviewed it would never have been released'

This report warned law enforcement agencies to watch for suspicious individuals who may have bumper stickers for third-party political candidates such as Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin. It further warned law enforcement to watch out for individuals with "radical" ideologies based on Christian views, such as opposing illegal immigration, abortion and federal taxes. Such training documents reveal real-life situations where people are being harassed, assaulted and arrested by law enforcement simply for owning material or discussing topics related to the Constitution and the bill of rights.


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George W. Bush Gave Speeches About a White House “Strategy Paper”

That formed “an unclassified version of the strategy that they had pursued since September the 11th, 2001,” that takes into account, “the changing nature of this enemy” and similar propaganda was being disseminated from the very top in September 2006 when it was revealed that the Bush administration had been targeting “conspiracy theorists” as terrorist recruiters.


A Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists lists anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, paper pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools. I have no doubt that the Missouri Highway Patrol and MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) are sorry - my question is are they sorry for publishing this document or are they sorry at it was released to public.


Scroll through and Read the next 8 images/pages and then you decide - Mouse over the image to pause the  scrolling effect... 


Missouri Documents Page 1
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Missouri Document Page 4
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Missouri Documents Page 7
Missouri Documents Page 8


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