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Melior Diabolus Quem Scies

Plans For America, with Patience accomplish the Great Work, the Aeon of Horus

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The Latin words “Melior Diabolus Quem Scies” roughly translates to mean “The Devil You Know,” as in the phrase “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. Cryptic. According to NASA, this saying refers to the return of the use of an old system after attempting to use a new one, which had resulted in failure. It is a rather odd choice of words for a governmental agency (NASA), but definitely on-par with this whole sinister, hellish theme for the United States of America.


Citizens of America, I Have Some Hard Questions To Bring Before You

Questions of which I know most are not prepared to honestly answer but, they are necessary questions for those who have a desire to adhere to what is good and to abhor that which is evil. Have you ever wondered why the United States of America sets on such vast amounts of oil and natural gas? Capped off and never used while middle east oil is shipped half way around the world to supply US consumer demands?


Have you ever wondered why the United States government is entangled in the affairs of so many other nations, working as a arm of the United Nations? If you have wondered why, that's a good sign that you are waking up to the sad fact that the United States government is up to it's eyeballs in world government. Is it possible for God fearing individuals to live under ungodly authority? Of course the answer is yes and they have done so since Nimrod.


The Godly Have Been Under the Authority of the Ungodly for Literally Thousands of Years

Today, Godly governments do not exist and if you believe your government is Godly you have been greatly, greatly deceived. Americans have much in the way of pride and patriotism for their rule of law. The Liberty and Freedom of the Declaration of Independence and for having 'In God We Trust' on their money.


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The Question is Which God? Certainly Not the God of the Bible

Unless of course your referring to Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning and cut down to the ground, which didst cast lots upon the nations. Yes, that god, pull out a one dollar bill and look at the back. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason, a member of Skull and Bones, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the 32nd president of the Unites States made a powerful statement when he said, and I Quote:


Presidents are Selected, Not Elected

Roosevelt was also the president who had the "All Seeing Eye," a Masonic representation of The Great Architect of the Universe placed on the back of the one dollar bill along with the Pyramid and other Masonic symbolism. Today, "In God We Trust" on currency is in reference to an all inclusive God, so that a mixed audience of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Indigenous, Buddhist, Rosicrucian, Baha'i, Sikhism, Taoism, Zuni, Jainism, Pagan/Wicca, Gnostic, Unitarian, Hinduism.


Any and all who desires can both relate and claim recognition of the phrase "In God We Trust" aka, The Great Architect of the Universe, who's true name is Lucifer. America as a nation and as a population have and are now being setup in ways most of it's citizenry cannot comprehend, today America's motto has become 'Take Care of You and Yours. Bill Clinton said it best when campaigning against George Herbert Walker Bush, taking the election with one simple phrase:


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'It's the Economy Stupid'

I remember his supporters saying at the time 'I don't care about abortion what I care about is what he's going to put back in my pocket', it has only gotten worse since the Clinton days as president. The US government is hard at work building a support base using computer based fiat currency for handouts and selling its citizenry as collateral. Oligarchy agenda's have been carried out from America's beginning till today because of the US economy of which the Globalists control.


Too much of the American population are like modern day spoiled children with their hands out saying what's in it for me, That's how Clinton was elected and that is how America is controlled today. It is hard to accept that America is the fundamental instrument used to bring in the New World Order, the United Nations is at the very heart and completely out of the control of the American people. America was based on the Roman Empire and has deep roots in Freemasonry. The assets of America are very important to the Oligarchy unfortunately the citizens are not outside of a labor force.


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Many American Citizens are Now Realizing That the Constitution Can Be Purchased

For the right price and with the proper positioning of assets. It doesn't cost that much as debt, corruption and bribery of US politicians tip the scales of balance. All this is not a coincidence but rather has been by design and America's position in the New Aquarian Age is not a good one, America is New World Order, as a matter of fact school history books clearly labeled The United States as the New World when Columbus supposedly discovered North America. Much of history has been written for us and it is still being written for us today from generation to generation.


Those of Us Who Didn't Experience History First Hand Can Only Experience History Second Hand

And because of that most modern history is done by the slide of hand. The Liberty and Freedom that our parents and grand parents fought for over the past 100 years was just another tool to advance the agendas of the tail runners who worked in the background bartering and funding both sides of the wars as they used the lives of our soldiers as fuel for the fire. America, from its inception as a nation was designed to be the Phoenix Bird of the New Age, which will be burnt and from the ashes will rise the New Phoenix, the Age of Aquarius and the ruler of Eurasia, the Antichrist.



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