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The European Union - New Tower of Babel

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Anything that has to do with the true God in heaven, Lucifer has created a counterfeit and much could be said about the European Union and its Occult connections but for case and point we'll give a little history of the Babylonian empire and the tower of Babel. Shortly after the flood men began to migrate from the east (Gen 11:2) it came to pass, "they found a plain in the land of Shinar and dwelt there.


The inhabitants of earth all spoke one language. It was in this land that the city of Babylon was built and became known as Babylonia and later Mesopotamia. Here the Euphrates and Tigris River had built up rich deposits of soil perfect for producing crops in abundance but there were certain disadvantages here which the people faced.


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The Land was Overrun with Wild Animals - a Constant Threat to the People

(Exodus 23:29,30). At this time came up a mighty hunter by the name of Nimrod, the Bible says Cush begot Nimrod. He became famous as a hunter of the wild animals and was considered "The Mighty One" in the earth. "Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord" (Genesis 10:8,9). As days went by he was gaining more and more power, becoming a leader in world affairs. His greatness filled the East even to the present time with traditions of his extraordinary career.


Gaining this prestige among the people, Nimrod devised a better means of protection. Instead of constantly fighting the animals, Why not organize people in cities and surround them with walls of protection? Now why not appoint a ruler, a king? It was fulfilled in (Gen 10:10) " And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar." These are the first established kingdoms mentioned in the Bible. So was Nimrod a Godly ruler? The scripture says that he was a "Mighty One."


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Mighty One Comes from the Hebrew Word "Gibor" Which Means Tyrant

And the name Nimrod means "let us rebel." The Jewish Encyclopedia says, Nimrod was "he who made all the people rebellious against God." Nimrod was also known as a mighty hunter "before the Lord." This also has a hostile meaning. The Hebrew translation of (before) means "against". Nimrod was Against the Lord. The meanings of his names are not the only proof that he is against God, he was also into Satanic Rituals and Heathenism as we shall soon see.


Finally, Nimrod, the priest-king of Babylon, died. When he died his body was cut into pieces, burnt and sent to various areas. Similar practices are mentioned in the Bible (Judges 19:29; 1 Samuel 11:7). The people of Babylon mourned greatly from the death of Nimrod, but his name would live on thanks to the leadership of his wife. Shortly after his death, his wife, Queen Semiramis, claimed that Nimrod was now the Sun God.


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Semiramis Claimed That She Gave Birth to an Illegitimate Son

Who was a reincarnation of Nimrod. This son was named Tammuz which is a counterfeit to our real savior and king, Jesus. Émigré claimed that Tammuz was supernaturally conceived and was the coming one the savior. This is why in every religion you will always find a mother and son. Some also have all three, the trinity.


There is no doubt that she had know about a coming messiah for it was prophesied from the beginning (see Gen. 3:15). Satan also knew and set up a counterfeit from the true, centuries before Jesus came. This counterfeit system spread from Babylon to the nations. How did it spread when Babylonia was the first city? Genesis 11 explains why,"at one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words. Verse 4:


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Let Us Build a Great City with a Tower That Reaches into the Sky

This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world. This tower is know now as the Tower of Babel. This tower was built because the people did not trust God when he promised that he would not destroy them with another flood. Keep in mind that at this point all the people are into heathenism. Now to Verse 5, But the Lord came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building. Look!" he said. "the people are united and they all speak the same language.


After this nothing they do will be impossible. Come lets go down and confuse the people with different languages. Then they won't be able to understand each other. Babel" has come to mean "confusion,"because it was at Babel that the Lord confused the languages. "There languages were changed" not there "mindset." So that means that when they were scattered they took with them all the pagan rituals they learned from Babel to the nations. As the scriptures declare, all nations drank from her cup of false doctrine. (Jer.51:7; Reve. 18:3).


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To This Day We Find Evidence of the Religion of Babylon

Truly Babylon is the mother and we shall find out who her children are. The EU's "Parliament" Building in Strasbourg has been deliberately designed to represent the Tower of Babel, as per the famous painting by Peter Brueghel, painted in 1563. The logic behind this symbolism is that the EU is seeking to "build the house of Europe" - a task yet to be completed.


The building is complete and in use, but is designed to look unfinished, and even has ringed platforms around it to represent scaffolding. When asked by a secular journalist ‘Why the Tower of Babel?’ an EU official replied, ‘What they failed to complete 3000 years ago – we in Europe will finish now.’


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