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Controlled Media the Ultimate Box to Control Your Mind


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Behind the Big News


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If you are someone who is wondering what is going on with our world today

your not alone, by design you are under the influence of a controlled Media propaganda campain promoting the Political, Economic and Religious structures of the New World Order system. Knowledge is your greatest defense on how a persons mind can be manipulated, to be awake and aware and to understand how these technologies are being used against us gives us the ability to see what is going on in our world on a Global level.


Today, mind control has advanced far beyond the intelligence arm of the Vatican, or the Hitler/Himmler research of the CIA's operation paperclip, today mass mind control is in place in most all areas of our life, its a social engineering game being played out to control the masses with the Problem, Reaction, Solution of the Hegelian Dialectic. A specter now haunts the world: a global commercial media system dominated by a small number of super-powerful, mostly U.S.-based transnational media corporations.


Controlled through the Council on Foreign Relations, 6 Corporations Control 90+% Of The Media In America. Comcast, the largest cable operator, home internet service provider in the US provides cable television, broadband internet, and telephone service, News-Corp (Fox News-Wall Street Journal-New York Post etc), Disney (ABC-ESPN etc), Viacom (MTV-CMT-Paramout etc), Time Warner (CNN-HBO-Warner Bros etc) and CBS (Showtime-NFL etc).  All 6 of these media corporations get their news from only 2 sources, AP (Associated Press) and Reuters, both AP and Reuters are majority owned by the House of Rothschild.


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 The top of America's media pyramid is the Rothschild’s Corporation of London

With the control of the money came the control of the news media. Kent Cooper, head of the Associated Press, writes in his autobiography "Barriers Down": "International bankers under the House of Rothschild acquired an interest in the three leading European agencies." Thus the Rothschilds bought control of Reuters International News Agency, based in London, Havas of France, and Wolf in Germany, which controlled the dissemination of all news in Europe.


The iron grip of the "London Connection" on the media was exposed in the book by Ben J. Bagdikian "The Media Monopoly", described as "A startling report on the 50 corporations that control what America sees, hears, reads". Bagdikian, who edited the nation's most influential magazine, the Saturday Evening Post, until the monopoly suddenly closed it down, reveals the interlocking directorates among the fifty corporations which control the news, but fails to trace them back to the five London banking houses which control them.


He mentions that CBS interlocks with the Washington Post, Allied Chemical, Wells Fargo Bank, and others, but does not tell the reader that Brown Brothers Harriman controls CBS, or that the Eugene Meyer family (Lazard Freres) controls Allied Chemical and the Washington Post, and Kuhn Loeb Co. [controls] the Wells Fargo Bank. He shows the New York Times interlocked with Morgan Guaranty Trust, American Express, First Boston Corporation and others, but does not show how the banking interlocks.


Bagdikian documents that the media monopoly is steadily closing down more newspapers and magazines. Washington D.C., with one paper, The Post, is unique among world capitols. London has eleven daily newspapers, Paris fourteen, Rome eighteen, Tokyo seventeen, and Moscow nine. There is universal distrust of the media by Americans, because of their notorious monopoly and bias. The media unanimously urges higher taxes on working people, more government spending, a welfare state with totalitarian powers, close relations with Russia, and a denunciation of anyone who opposes Communism.


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This is a program of "The London Connection"

and this media monopoly deals with its opponents in one of two ways; either frontal assault of libel which the average person cannot afford to litigate, or an iron curtain of silence, the standard treatment for any work which exposes its clandestine activities. The Rothschild plan, since it was enunciated in 1773, can be discerned in all political revolutions since that date. According to John Todd, the Rothschilds are the Luciferian head of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, the occultist elect and they answer only to Lucifer, who by using our emotions, lure us into one of his many snares, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, the pride of life. Proven age old Luciferian techniques, the Ultimate Box to Control Your Mind.


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