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Lucifer's Playground - the Luciferian Empire

Today, all of humanity is living in Lucifer's Playground, you might desire to keep your little online corner like Facebook private, but the Internet itself was a Military experiment propagated and funded by DARPA. Lucifer has the controlling hand through today's Global power structures and yes, we can use technology against him as myself and many others have done, but technologies power rests in Lucifer's hands and it has been used to build his Empire of today. By design, from the beginning, sin formed Lucifer's playground.


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 Technology is a Direct Result of Genesis 3

And the Garden of Eden when Satan beguiled Eve into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. How can I say this, simply because God’s creation of a perfect earth was Adam and Eve in the garden. It was a time when Adam, who was created in God's image enjoyed God's Fruits of the Spirit in its purest form. Life in the garden was perfect and Adams authority reined over not only the garden, but the earth and everything that had life in it, Adam was caretaker of God's creation.


It was a sinless time when God Himself would appear in the cool of the day and walk with Adam in the Garden, along side the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, free from corruption. A time of perfection in God’s perfect world. There is no record of how long Adam and Eve lived in God’s creation as caretakers, but Lucifer's playground is a direct result of Eve being tempted by the serpent, seeing that the fruit was pleasant to the eyes and with the serpents lure of power to gain knowledge, she sinned against God. This is the beginning of the Biblical recording of man's fall, when the world became defiled, when sin entered into God’s creation and changed perfection into the rotting stench of death and decay.


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 This Was Also When Creation Gave Way to Histories Deceptive Journey

Diversifying into two paths, a time when knowledge and intellect initiated the Luciferian playground of today, Lucifer’s gift of intellect through deception evolving into today's technology. Yes, all good things do come from God and God created all things for His Glory, but with that said questions do arise. Why would God allow this corrupt seed to be planted by a rebellious angel named Lucifer and why would He allow sin to fester into the Luciferian Empire of modern times? The answer is as simple as one word, Choice. The very fact that you are alive and reading this, with the ability to choose right or wrong, good or evil, Jesus or Lucifer is reason enough for God to allow sin until the day when all is fulfilled.


Knowing the end from the beginning, had God not allowed Adam’s fall we would not be here, sin brings forth choice and God's master plan for mankind included both. The Universe and all that is within it is God's creation, along with the Universal laws of it, for every action there is a opposite and equal reaction and only after sin and choice entered the garden did mankind begin to multiply, Adam and Eve had no children before Eve was tempted with the forbidden fruit. God's plan for mankind would have been incomplete without the ability to choose. Today, God is concerned with our souls, our eternal destinies, not the Luciferian playground of lusts and emotions making up our world today.


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Luciferians on the Other Hand Worship Lucifer, Phosp-Horus = Lucifer the Light-Bearer

And they follow his age of enlightenment, whom they believe freed Adam and Eve from the garden and gave Lucifer's followers the ability to be as God's knowing good and evil, the gift of intellect, which is simply salvation through knowledge, the foundation of Gnosticism and the core of Freemasonry within the global power structures of today. The same as Adam and Eve, you and I have been given the ability to choose, its the core of God's master plan. There is no gray only black and white, no tolerance for sin only good and evil, only choice of God the Creator or Lucifer and his playground of lust and decay.


So, Choose this day whom you will serve, the true and Living God, the Creator of the Universe and His promise of eternal life in a place He has prepared for you, or Lucifer’s cosmopolitan world of eye candy filled with the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, the pride of life with the control mechanisms designed within it to control you, called technology. I have made my choice, have you? Lucifer is nothing more than a tool to tempt you into making your choice, then God will cast Lucifer aside like the chaff. God wants us to choose Him over sin and the lusts of it.


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