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john-toddThe 1977 Testimony Of John Todd Collins - From Tape


Introduction by the Preacher:


John is from the family line of Collins that brought witchcraft to Salem Mass. His occult name was Lance Collins. John was initiated into a witch coven at thirteen years of age, became a High Priest then at eighteen, joined the Military and served in the Special Forces known as the Green Beret's. His IQ tested at 175 and I could go on and on reading many things about him but I think the most Glorious event in his life and I am sure he would agree and I am thankful that this happened, John was saved through the witness of a faithful Pastor, Rev. Jack Tiller and the ministries of the Castle Hills Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. I am so glad that he was saved and brought out of that which he was in, AMEN.....(response...AMEN), and we thank the Lord especially for that tonight.


It is a Great Honor and a Great Joy to introduce to our Congregation Bro. John Todd, and I am sure what he is going to say tonight will be enlightening, challenging and he is going to speak to all of our hearts. Let's give him a real good open door and a Chambersburg welcome, shall we? (response.....Loud Applause 10 secs.)


John Todd (Dialogue)


One thing I would like to say before I get started. It never seems to fail that when I am done a few of my brothers and sisters in the Lord have fear in their hearts! There is no reason to have fear in your heart. Seems like every time we talk about the enemy Christians become afraid rather than serve up fighting mad! So I just ask that if you have this fear in your heart when this is over, that you just simply get in your prayer chain or up front or someplace with the Lord and discuss the matter with Him. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the devil. He was defeated 2000 years ago. That's why I am here! He was defeated 2000 years ago!


I think the thing that made me the most mad when I got saved was that I served somebody since a child, for over 20 years, that was defeated 2000 years ago. And I guess the only reason that I served him was I didn't realize who he was till I got saved. It took that enlightenment. Brother Barry preached this morning on the Devil blinding God's peoples eyes and just the worlds eyes. Take it for a fact. He can do it. For 20 some years I served him as a priest and a high priest and later as a grand Druid and had many thousands of people serving him under me. And never once did I even realize who I serving.


There were many things that I learned in witchcraft, I am not going to tell you what they were, but there were many things that I learned and many things that I taught as a standard teaching in witchcraft. As you go through apprenticeship or as you go through what we call the 'Outer Court', you are told to do things. You don't ask why you do them, If you do ask why you do them they tell you that you are being naughty, that you shouldn't ask, mainly because they don't know!


I never did know why I was doing the things I was doing or why I was teaching the things that I was teaching. They worked, so we did them. After I got saved, it took Salvation for me to find out why they worked. And I guess after knowing that, there is no way you can go back from what you came out of.


Very quickly tonight. Well it can't be very quickly, but I'll try. I want to give my testimony and then I want to turn it over for questions and answers. I've learned the hard way after 5 years it's normal for me to say the things that I say but it is astounding for you to listen to them. And I realize that when the meeting is over that many things I say are strange to Christians. Most of you grew up in Christian homes or even if you were in the world you were not very close to what I was into. So when I say things, to me, they are everyday things. I guess that is why we have such a successful ministry with the people on drugs and the people in the occult because they have tried to tell Christians for years the things they have been into and the things they have experienced and they look at them like they are 'Crazy' and I come along and I say, 'Oh, Oh sure I'll listen to ya'.


I've been there! I know the same things. And I will sit there and I will listen and they find it very outstanding that I believe them because I have experienced them too. So I don't gasp at somebody when they tell me that they have seen demons or floated things through the air or received answers on Ouija Boards or made people do their own will by spells, I was there, I know it is so, but at the same time I know how weak it is compared to what I have now. I have told witches across the United States, we went to St.Paul when they were going to have their convention this year, which they called off, they are having it right now in Washington D.C, this is the last night of it. And it was in all the front pages of the newspapers down there. Christians across the Unites States say, 'You don't really expect us to believe that witches are that organized', NO, they've just got Senators and Congress- men and top witches down there all in one convention. They are not that organized, not at all!


But anyway we were there and many witches came up to me and asked me why I would become a Christian. See, witches have the opinion that either Christians are the most evil things that ever lived or they are the most foolish people that ever lived. They wanted to know why I would become a Christian. I said 'because I am more powerful now than I was when I was a witch', that's not the reason, but I said it in words that they would understand. They couldn't grasp that. I know how they feel. When I was in witchcraft I never considered Christianity until the night I got saved.


I never once considered it was an answer. I never considered that Jesus was an answer and that the things in the Christian Church were foolish at the least and dangerous at the most, and I guess that they are dangerous to witchcraft. But to explain what I am talking about very quickly.


I come from a family called the Collins' some of them , on this side of the Atlantic Ocean from England, have changed their name to Todd, back prior to the Civil War. But that doesn't say that all Collins' are Todds' or this family that I come from. But this family brought witch-craft to the United States. I was in Philadelphia the other night, and I don't understand what it's all about, but after I left there, the new- spaper decided that their greatest campaign would be against me. Many things that I said in my testimony they said that they checked out and were not so. Funny we checked them out and they still were so! Like many things that I will mention tonight.


We even went as far as to say that witchcraft started outside of Salem Mass. and even named the Bay that the witches landed, after the Head Witch, my ancestor Francis Collins, and the newspaper said that place didn't exist. We looked at the map and it's still there. We don't understand quite what they were up to but I guess they confused enough people to disregard us. We were wondering when people were going to get around to this, but anyway, I come from the Collin's family and just because this is outside of Salem, let me quickly remind you that no witches were executed in Salem. There will be a book coming out shortly on this from Chick Publications.


Except for one prostitute, everyone executed in Salem were Christians. And they were tried and convicted by a jury and by a Pastor who was not a Pastor he was a Slave Trader hired by the Collins', the Church was built by the Collins' and the jury were all members of the Collins' Church. Needless to say they weren't Christians. They were Witches.


The 1977 Testimony Of John Todd Collins