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The Antichrist Beast System - It's Progressive

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The Luciferian Antichrist Beast System is now and has always been progressive, progressivism didn't begin in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, only the political and technological eras of it. Lucifer’s desire to be like the Most High has been on going over the millennia and has progressively taken a great leap forward the last two centuries. The advanced Technologies of Today has greatly increased to the point of having total control of the Nations, World Commerce and the Global Religious Systems.


The Antichrist Beast System is all around us, progressively advancing to its end, herding in the masses like never before. Today, Lucifer has built around us a treasure trove of veiled Luciferianism, a Magical Cosmopolitan World of illusion filled with eye candy, founded on the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life and everything is intertwined to the point of having nowhere to turn, no place of escape. We have been born into a time where everyone follows this Beast System.


If your belief system is based on progressivism, you have strayed from foundational biblical principles and you are caught up in this world of Illusion. One of Lucifer's greatest tools is to instill in our minds that our Opinion Means Something especially when compared to the Pure Scriptures. This Antichrist Beast System is traceable back to the time of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, with Lucifer’s temptations traceable back to the Garden of Eden with the fall of man as defined in Genesis.


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God, the Creator has a Kingdom that is Unchangeable, Unmovable and Unstoppable

Lucifer’s kingdom is progressive, worldly and will come to its end when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ, with His spoken word destroys both the beast system and Satan’s kingdom. God looks at time and biblical prophecies exactly the same, from beginning to end they are open to Him and they are set in stone because He sees the end from the beginning. For everything there is a season, but none is hidden from the presence of God, the Creator.


There is a difference between the New Age Adam himself and his Antichrist Beast System, just as there is a difference between the Luciferian and Biblical versions of the False Prophet. Today, the Luciferian version is promoted as the Pope, but he is just a man and false prophet rabbit hole which has drawn in literally billions into this snare. What the pope is not, is the biblical false prophet, the Vatican System however is another matter all together. The Vatican is One Third of the power structure I choose to call the Trinity of the Antichrist Beast System which is the concealed Underbelly of Global Power.


There are two opposing sets of prophecies being fulfilled today, first is the progressive prophecies of the Antichrist Beast System which is fulfilling Biblical Prophecy to the letter using mankind's intellect and today's technologies. These false prophecies are being molded to fit the bible like a glove. Second, is the foundational biblical prophecies on which the False Prophecy System is built, these are hidden within the systems lair and it conceals those true prophecies through its many tentacles of power and control.


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Revelation 13 Verse 11 - John sees a Beast Coming Up out of the Sea

It has seven heads and 10 horns with the dragon coming up behind it which gives the beast its power as it stands on the sea shore, Daniel sees the same beast coming out of the sea having 10 horns and it has a little horn. Earlier in Daniel he speaks of 4 beasts and they are governments or kingdoms or empires. Revelation 17 explains more concerning the antichrist beast system of today. John explains the mystery of the woman and the beast, that has the seven heads and 10 horns.


The seven heads are seven mountains, a mountain in the bible is a kingdom, the seven mountains are seven kings. Five are fallen, one is and one is about to come. The five fallen were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Mede’s and the Persian’s and Greece, Rome was the sixth from which would come the seventh and eighth. The United States of America was built on the Roman Empire, the seventh kingdom from which the eight kingdom would rise, from which the world leader called the man of sin or perdition will take power.


This eight kingdom is the United Nations formed in 1949 in San Francisco and moved to New York. The False Prophet system of Revelation 13 is here and most of us have been living in this system our entire lives. This Antichrist Beast System is corrupt and if you are depending on it to save you instead of the true God, your creator, it will be your undoing. You will throw your gold and silver in the streets as the System reaches its finality, with true biblical prophecies being revealed, it will be hell on earth.


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