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Are You a Pre-Tribulationalist? This Page is For You

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As we draw near to the final 7 years before Christ comes back many things are changing. The prophecies that we were taught all our lives are being updated day by day. Many of the views of the 1950's through the turn of the century concerning prophecy teachings simply do not work any longer and when unfolding prophecies no longer match the prophecies we've been taught we need to turn to the One who has the answers we are looking for, God. 


I was a pre-Tribulationists most of my life. Not because God had shown it to me but because it was what I was taught from pastors and churches and main stream media. It wasn't till I read for myself the prophecies that I began seeing conflicts in what was being taught and what the bible clearly said. These days that we are in are way too important to allow someone to tell you what the bible says. Pray and ask God to speak to you through His word and give you the knowledge that He would have you to know.


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Don't Rely on Someone Else to Tell You What God's Says, Read It For Yourself

Men, regardless of who they are, are not perfect. They make mistakes and let's face it pre-tribulation teachers and preachers only teach you what they have been taught. How can I say such a thing? It's simple, theological degrees and doctorates will never be equal to God speaking to you on a personal level through His word. The Bible is inspired by God, written by man, for man, it's just a small fraction, a taste of the wonderful wonders and mysteries of God.


Hopefully you will agree that the Bible is not all that God is, but rather, He is able to use it to guide you and I through the days to come.  Religion by definition means to "Bind Up" and there are 32,000 different Christian denominations in this world today (12,000 in the United States alone). They are all drawn from the same source, the Bible, and have their own version, views, and interpretations of it, but none of them are the Source.


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The Bible is the Source and You Can Go Directly to It

And it is not necessary to go through any religion or person, just you and God's word along with a personal relationship with Him, God will guide you through the days that are coming upon us. Doctrines and traditions of men will only limit His ability to speak to you when you are listening and following Him through them. Be careful when you read scripture that you believe to be corrupt and you feel the need to correct it. This has been done many times over the centuries. Remember inspired by God, written by man, for mankind.


He doesn't need anyone's help to guide you. To change, edit, or modify scripture is to corrupt it, God is able,  and willing to give you the knowledge and wisdom necessary to make the right choices in this life. We don't need to edit it, modify it, or change it, add to it or take away from it. We are not worthy to make corrections in it when it doesn't fit our views and doctrines. Religion in itself is corrupt because it comes from man and man is corrupt. 


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Numerology and the Occult Influence of Numbers, Along with Prophetic Profiles

Keys, Time lines, Precepts, Transitions, Acquiescent Parenthetical Periods, Cycles of Fulfillment of Prophecies, ELS Letter Skip Sequencing, although interesting and some amazing, none of them are necessary to walk the path that God has for you in this day. There has been 2000 years of added traditions and doctrines of men, nothing has replaced the need to open up God's word and read it for yourself, for example pre-tribulation is a little over 150 years old. 


Personally I Am a Literalist, God is Able to Use His Word Just as it is to Guide You and I

Through the coming days as he prepares the steps before us and prepares us for His steps. We just need to wake up in the morning and ask for our blessing of guidance and wisdom on that day and follow Him. No religion required, just you and your Creator. Although you can still hold to the pre-tribulation doctrine once you start down this journey you will find that the path that you have been walking has been cut off at your heals.


Step outside of your doctrine and you no longer have the backing of it, just a group of prophetic profiles, keys, time lines, precepts, transitions, and traditions of men that can be used to support the doctrine called pre-tribulation. Your journey begins with one simple question: Show me one scripture in the Bible that clearly says:

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Jesus Will Come Back Before the Tribulation

(Pre-Tribulation) Do some research, study for yourself. Just one scripture is all I ask. On your journey through the scriptures pray and ask God to give you knowledge and wisdom of them. You can email me at anytime from these website pages. If you will give me 1 scripture that clearly says in black and white that Jesus is coming back before the tribulation I will give you 10 that says He will not.


(I'm cheating, study and you'll know how). As you begin your journey, here are a few scriptures to research. I won't quote them for you I'll just give you their locations. The one that really stuck in my craw was Matthew 24:29-31. Pre-trib teachers of course say that this is the Jewish people. Do Your Own Research:

Take Your Own Journey and Don't Allow Others to Tell You What the Bible Says

Here are 3 more to get you started, just let me know when you need more because there are many, many more. II Thessalonians 2:2-3 Secret snatching away? Not what Paul says. I Corinthians 15:51-53 Look for The last trump. When is the last trump Rev 11:15 music to the ears of true servants of God.




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