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The NWO Agenda's and the Tempter's Fruit

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The agenda's of the New World Order are complex and it is new only to those in the Exoteric realm of humanity which happens to be 99% plus of the worlds population today. As we face the tasks of unraveling this complex system of secrecy and control it is safe to say that none of us on the outside of the New World Order system will understand it all, but with the technology available to the common man today via the Internet and the vast informational resources available, it is possible to not only identify the various components, but also establish a fairly accurate assessment of their goals and plans, but for us on the outside:


The Timeline of the NWO Plan is Uncertain, Hindsight is 20/20

The good news is what was once veiled in secrecy is now only shaded to the general public. What was once only whispered in the ear in secrecy can now be shouted from the mountain tops as many are doing today. The term Whistle blower has been termed for those who have grasped onto some of the New World Order agendas and have used their available resources to blow the trumpet with the knowledge that has been revealed to them, we all have that choice.


Most of the information on this website is from the New Age, Occult and Secret Societies sources themselves both modern day and times past. Many have paid the ultimate price to make this information available to us, use it wisely. Most people today regardless of their nationality simply don't understand the complexities of the monumental wall that lies directly ahead of them. Sadly most don't want to know and have settled into complacency, completely engulfed in the world that has been designed for them and by their own choice.


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People Are Being Lead Like Cattle Into the Coral of Control

By the Very Agendas of Which They Choose to Ignore. As whistle blowers sound the trumpet warning of the various dangers that have been exposed to them the vast majority of people will never awake from their slumber and will be fuel for the fire of the coming Tyrannical forces overtaking the world. What more can you give those who have all the worlds wealth, power, possessions? Their ultimate goal is control, not only of the world as a whole, but you individually.


Your the ultimate prize of this coming New World Order and the technology is available to control each and every facet of your life, be it your life or your death. This control is far advanced and although you might not want to believe that these control mechanisms are set in place, they are. Soon, Chaos will be called up globally as the power structures of the world unite under the common cause, the foundation on which the this complex One World Order system is built, the Luciferian empire. 



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